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Nursing Advocacy, Consulting, And Education Under Investigation Series

Legal Due Process for Nurses

BON Investigation Series

Hey there my fellow nurse:

I am sorry that you are going through this process, but I am glad that you reached out so I can offer you my assistance and support and so you know you are NOT ALONE.  We want to welcome you to Advocates for Nurses P.L.L.C., a safe haven where I provide tailor-made guidance for nurses facing challenges. As you navigate the unfamiliar waters of a board of nursing complaint, know that I'm right here by your side, ready to equip you with knowledge, tools, and unwavering support from our whole team. Remember, while I'm your advocate, I'm not a lawyer – just a nurse here to help!

Meet Your Advocate: Maggie Ortiz MSN RN

Let me introduce myself. With nearly 23 years of nursing experience, particularly in critical care settings, I've worked in diverse healthcare environments – from bustling trauma centers to quiet rural hospitals. My passion for advocating for nurses is unwavering, and I'm here to guide and support you and your legal team through this challenging experience. I firmly believe that knowledge and a robust defense empower nurses like you to overcome any obstacle.

Navigating Your Educational Journey

The sheer volume of information can be daunting but fear not. Just follow and track your steps using our STEP TRACKER BUTTON BELOW!

I've also curated educational resources to cater to your unique needs. Take time to explore your state's official website and the National Council for State Boards of Nursing. You'll find guidance on the resources page.

Staying Connected

Communication is our lifeline during this journey. If you have time-sensitive documents or responses, let's set deadlines together. Use the forms on these pages to communicate with me, or text or email me – I'm just a message away.

Under Investigation Q&As

Our journey begins now. This is the beginning of an organized step-by-step process and breakdown of resources designed to guide you through the process at your own pace.

All of the information that I need to advocate for you has been broken down into web forms and pages that you fill out and go directly to me.

It is CRITICAL that you use these resources as they lay the groundwork with crucial documents and forms, ensuring meticulous organization.

As we proceed, remember that this is a collaborative effort. Thorough communication, diligent organization, and a deep understanding of the material are key. This process is a partnership, and your active involvement is crucial. Let's work together towards your success !

-Advocate Maggie
The Nurse’s Advocate
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