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What is A4N?

Advocates for Nurses is a home for all nurses!  I am Maggie, MSN RN, the founder and creator.  I created Advocates for Nurses out of my love and passion for nurses.  Due to my unique experience, I have often been afforded knowledge that most nurses do not have, and therefore, I want to share that with others.  What we do not know about our license oftentimes can lead to far-reaching complications.  KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! 


"My goal is to provide education and support to help you advocate for yourself in any legal, professional, or workplace challenges you may face. While I am not a lawyer, I offer personalized advocacy and support tailored specifically for nurses. Together, we can ensure you have the knowledge, resources, and confidence to advocate for yourself and your career. At Advocates for Nurses, we believe that when nurses each other and stand together, there's nothing we can't achieve."

Advocate Maggie MSN, RN

CEO of Advocate For Nurses

Professional Development Courses

Offering comprehensive courses designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of nurses, nurse leaders, and lawyers, covering topics such as healthcare law, ethics, leadership, and advanced clinical practice.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance Education

Delivering education and training on legal and regulatory compliance in healthcare settings, including HIPAA, documentation standards, and state-specific nursing laws and regulations.

Legal Nurse Consultation Services

Assisting nurses and lawyers facing investigations or disciplinary actions by providing guidance, advocacy, and resources throughout the process, including legal consultations and representation when needed.

Continuing Education Programs

Providing accredited continuing education programs and workshops to help nurses maintain licensure, stay updated on industry trends, and meet professional development requirements.

Maggie Ortiz readily admits, she wasn't called to nursing; but rather TO NURSES!

A woman of action, she set out to develop a place where all nurses could come together for support, empowerment, and ACTION.

Let's take back the profession we each worked so hard to obtain. Together, we can make a positive change in our broken healthcare system.

We NEED YOU to help in any way you can!

Never legal advice, Maggie has understanding of the Nurse Practice Act and nursing standards is profound. Her passion extends to driving policy change by collaborating with state and federal representatives. Not just content with her extensive bedside experience, Maggie is a catalyst for transformation, echoing the voices of nurses nationwide in her pursuit of positive change.

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