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Advocates for Nurses is a home for all nurses! I am Maggie, MSN RN, the founder and creator. I created Advocates for Nurses out of my love and passion for nurses. Due to my unique experience, I have often been afforded knowledge that most nurses do not have, and therefore, I want to share that with others. What we do not know about our license oftentimes can lead to far-reaching complications.  Let me know how I can help you. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! 
Continuing Education Programs

Providing continuing education programs and workshops to help nurses maintain licensure, stay updated on industry trends, and meet professional development requirements.

Monthly Discussions

Monthly updates including news from the nursing world and tips to protect your license! Case reviews, based on realistic but fictional scenarios, from the perspective of a legal nurse consultant. Connect with other nurse creators, educators, and influencers within private social groups- Facebook group has over 1.5K members!

Legal Nurse Consultation Services

Assisting nurses and lawyers facing investigations or disciplinary actions by providing guidance, advocacy, and resources throughout the process, including expert legal nurse consultations services if needed.

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