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Our goals are:

  • To ensure due process for nurses 

  • Improve patient care

  • DEMAND policy change.

  • Build a SECURE, CONFIDENTIAL community

After that, we will tackle World Peace.

THE Safe Haven
for Nurses
Climate Protest

Advocates for Nurses was founded by Maggie Ortiz, RN, MSN, after working at a Board of Nursing as an Investigator. In her role, she witnessed the lack of due process that was extended to nurses. In fact, criminal and civil defendants have a constitutional right to DUE PROCESS, but NOT nurses who have had a complaint filed against them with the Board of Nursing.


Did you know that ANYONE can file a complaint against your license and now YOU and YOUR LIVELIHOOD are now at the mercy of your state Board of Nursing? BONs have NO oversight; not even a judge's order impacts the BON. LET THAT SINK IN. THIS is why Maggie became an activist and has not stopped .advocating for nurses since.


​With 400,000 nurses in her home state of Texas and a total of five million in the United States. We are assembling a team of nurses representing virtually all nursing specialty areas to meet the demand for help. The Advocates For Nurses Team works diligently to educate, advocate, and arm nurses with the legal knowledge they need to preserve their livelihoods.  Every nurse deserves due process.

What Our Clients Say:

"I had the honor of standing next to her as an ICU nurse in a Level I trauma center where I was reported for a pressure ulcer in a civil case. I had no idea I had moved it affected my Texas and Indiana license causing revocation. Maggie helped me! I got my license back last fall (2021! I am forever grateful all her help and support."

Michelle B RN


“Maggie exposed me to a completely different type of nursing I had no idea about and now I'm looking into getting my Legal Nurse Certification!”

"I had no idea there was so many different types of 'legal nursing,' Maggie exposed me to a new world."

“My charges were dropped!  DROPPED!  Maggie’s name was shared with me by a friend of my business partner.  I reached out to Maggie and she guided me through the entire process of dealing with the Texas Board of Nursing.  What could have been a years-long process was shortened to months because Maggie knew how to navigate the system.  Maggie was definitely in the right place at the right time to advocate for me.  She is a WARRIOR and we need WARRIORS in our corner.  I STAND WITH MAGGIE!

- Raynell O.


“Maggie was a source of knowledge and strength when I was reported to my Board in 2021. She confidently guided me through the process and helped me produce a thorough response to the allegation (which the Board later dropped). I am grateful for her caring heart and expertise. I wouldn’t have survived the last year of my life without her. Dynamite comes in small packages." 

- Anonymous 


"I had the pleasure of standing next to Maggie in my surgical center where she was doing agency work.  WHAT A PLEASURE! Our nursing director was so impressed she even hired her to teach a class, she created literally on the fly for us. WOW, WOW! What an eye opener. We all talked about what we learned for for weeks! What Maggie taught us 1 hour I never knew in almost 3 decades of nursing. I know my practice has changed. She is a wealth of information on so many levels! We would love to have her back."

- Beth E.


"I recently commented on a post on TikTok for a meeting I was going to have with upper management due to concerns at my facility. I had that meeting. I want to say thank you because of that meeting things on my unit are changing. Because of the advice you gave me I went in well prepared. I was not just another emotional nurse going in to complain. Your advice is invaluable." K.K RN

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