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Charting to Protect Your Livelihood


This one-hour online course is designed to equip nurses with crucial charting skills for legal and professional protection. Step into the realm of comprehensive charting with me, Advocate Maggie. With over two decades of critical care nursing experience and a background as a prior investigator for a nursing board, I offer an unparalleled perspective. In this one-hour CE course, we'll delve deep into the WHAT, HOW, and WHY of documentation, exploring negligence and gross negligence, all backed by current standards of care. Join me for what promises to be one of the most enriching learning experiences in your nursing career, complete with a robust 16-page handout packed with invaluable information. You must watch the full video and fill out the survey to receive the 1-hour CE credit. If you submit the survey without watching the entire video, you will need to return to the course and review the entire video to receive the certificate of completion.

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