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Welcome to Advocates for Nurses – Is your Trusted Haven for Nursing Support and Guidance. Whether you're facing a board of nursing case, seeking expert advice, or navigating leadership challenges, Advocate Maggie is here to empower you. With her wealth of experience and dedication, she offers tailored expertise, mentorship, and resources to nurses at all levels. This is your space to thrive, excel, and find the support you need in your nursing journey.

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Maggie Ortiz readily admits, she wasn't called to nursing; but rather TO NURSES!

A woman of action, she set out to develop a place where all nurses could come together for support, empowerment and ACTION.

Let's take back our profession each of us worked so hard to obtain. Together, we can make positive change in our broken healthcare system.


We NEED YOU to help in any way you can!

Never legal advice, Maggie has  understanding of the Nurse Practice Act and nursing standards is profound. Her passion extends to driving policy change by collaborating with state and federal representatives. Not just content with her extensive bedside experience, Maggie is a catalyst for transformation, echoing the voices of nurses nationwide in her pursuit of positive change.

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Welcome to Advocates for Nurses, a platform founded by Maggie Ortiz, RN, MSN, driven by a deep commitment to justice and due process for nurses. Having served as an Investigator at a Board of Nursing, Maggie witnessed firsthand the alarming lack of due process afforded to nurses facing complaints. Unlike criminal and civil defendants, nurses often find themselves at the mercy of their state Board of Nursing, with no oversight or recourse.


Did you know that anyone can file a complaint against your nursing license, putting your livelihood in jeopardy? State Boards of Nursing operate with unchecked authority, impervious even to judicial orders. This stark reality spurred Maggie to become an unwavering advocate for nurses' rights.


With over 400,000 nurses in Texas alone and five million across the United States, Advocates for Nurses is assembling a diverse team of nursing professionals representing various specialties. Our mission is clear: to educate, advocate, and empower nurses with the legal knowledge necessary to safeguard their careers.


Every nurse deserves due process, and we're here to ensure they receive it.

Join us, whether you're a bedside nurse, a nurse leader, or part of a nursing organization. At Advocates for Nurses, we believe in the power of knowledge and unity. Join our groups, engage in discussions, and let's stand together in solidarity. We are five million strong, and united, we stand! #ISTANDWITHNURSES

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