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Updated: Oct 15, 2023

I do not think it can be stated too many time we must all #VOTE. If we want real change then it is our duty not only as Americans but as #nurses to get involved in politics. This means on all levels from city to state elections. This means nurses getting involved and even running for office. If we want real change then we must also have a seat at the table to make that change. It is time for nurses as a profession to start demanding the professional respect we deserve. We are the largest workforce in the nation and we need to take power of our numbers and make change for our profession. We are roughly 4 million strong in this nation. Let's use the power of our vote to make change, real change!

Who does represent you? How can you find this information out? It is literally as simple as typing that WHO REPRESENTS ME in any search engine. You will usually get sent to a site and you type in your address. This will usually provide you with links to who represents you. This is a great opportunity to review what they stand for and what they are working on. Are there any nursing initiatives? Safe staffing bill that they are co-sponsoring? Ask them. They REPRESENT YOU REMEMBER. You can literally walk into their office if you want but you can just as easily call, tweet, email and or Facebook message them and ask them what they are doing for nurses. Know what bills are out there supporting nursing issues like SAFE STAFFING RATIOS. No need to re invent the wheel there are organizations like NURSESTAKEDC who have posted petitions on their website that you can fill out. It's time nurses get involved with issues that affect our practice. We need to educate and inform our government officials about what are the best initiatives not only for us but for patient's. We provide the highest amount of hours delivering direct patient care. We have established evidence based practices that continue to improve patient outcomes. We have the science to support our contribution to healthcare. Now it's time we have a set at the table. GET OUT AND VOTE! NURSE RUN FOR OFFICE!'


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