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Updated: Oct 15, 2023

As nurses we do not really know and or understand politics and how it affects our license, our work environment and essentially our license. We learn how to manage patients and not about politics. As nurses we do not always understand the intersection of our license and the law and why it is so important that we do get involved and see what our representatives our doing for us. These elected officials have a duty to us and we need to hold them accountable.

Who even holds office in my state? That's easy GOOGLE WHO REPRESENTS ME. Simply type in your information and you should come to a page that lists out everyone who holds office which is tied to your physical address. Copy and paste this information somewhere. Find out what they do and what they are supporting on BOTH sides of the aisle. Nursing issues are everyone's issues and we cannot play sides. I have personally found that those on the other aisle from me have helped me make the most change but you have to be willing to do that WORK.

Once you find out WHO REPRESENTS YOU then reach out to them. Email, tweet, FB message, go to their office, call them... all of it. Why do one? Put yourself on their radar and let them know you are one of their constituents who's a nurse and you want to know what they are doing to support nurses. What bills they are sponsoring and or co sponsoring. NURSES TAKE DC has a list of bills and video's on tiktok to walk anyone through this process. There are plenty of advocates out there trying to get the word out

use your resources.

What will you discuss? Safe Staffing Ratios. CPT 1 codes for RN to bill for our services. Expungement removal laws (advocate in Ohio helped get this passed it's a big deal). Caps on pay for CEO's, CFO' of hospitals. No oversight for boards of nursing and if there is an Ombudsman and if not one be adopted for the nursing board. There are so many issues and concerns in healthcare. Start with the bills that are already out there we need passed for SAFE STAFFING.

Follow up. Get an email address. Name and email address of their chief of staff. When will they get back with you. Ask if there are any hearings that are happening that you can either come and testify and or provide a comment that can be read by the panel. Set up alerts on the bills that you are following and reach out to your representative when their is any action, hearing or movement in the bill. This will keep you up to date.

If you want to run for office YOU SHOULD DO IT!!! There are organizations and other nurses out there willing to help get you lined up. Reach out to the nurses already in office in your state and ask them to mentor you.

I hope this helped and as always if you need anything and or have questions reach out to me!


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