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Good Nurse Bad Nurse with Maggie Ortiz, MSN, RN

53 views  Aug 25, 2022

Source: While genetic testing kits have helped millions of consumers find relatives and learn about their genealogy, it is not often that the results seem too fantastical to be real life. Nurse advocate Maggie Ortiz joins us on this episode to discuss the disturbing case of Dr. Donald Cline, a fertility doctor who fathered over 94 children by artificially inseminating patients with his own DNA. Maggie is featured as the Good Nurse of the week as she details what it really means to be nurse advocate. Please support our show by supporting our sponsors below! Thank you to Trusted Health for sponsoring this episode. Please go to and fill out a profile to help support our podcast and see what opportunities are out there for you! Thank you to our sponsor Samuel Merritt University! If you’re interested in getting more information on their MSN and DNP programs and scholarships visit them at and show them how much you appreciate them for sponsoring our podcast! Thank you to our sponsor CBD Stat! If you use CBD oils, please try CBD Stat and get 30% off high-quality CBD available at Thank you to our sponsor Eko! Please visit them at and use promo code GNBN for $20 off your purchase of the new Littmann Cardiology IV stethoscope with Eko technology!   Sources:


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