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Advocating for the Nursing Profession: Be a Changemaker!

by Maggie Ortiz MSN RN

Advocating for the #Nursing Profession: Be a Changemaker!

I am asked at least weekly, “HOW CAN I BE AN ADVOCATE FOR #NURSES?” As #nurses, WE ALL have the power to create real change for ourselves and the #nursing profession, there is no big secret my fellow #nurses. Here are some steps you can take to become an #nurseadvocate like me:

  • REGISTER TO #VOTE: Your voice matters! Register to vote and encourage others to do the same. #Voting is crucial for influencing healthcare policies and supporting #nursing rights. Know what bills are up for us and #VOTE! I encourage you to at least get 5 - 10 people to #vote with you. Imagine if we all did that how much change we could make!

  • KNOW YOUR REPRESENTATIVES: Find out who represents you and your facility. Type in any search engine ‘WHO REPRESENTS ME,’ follow the prompts, and provide your address. Reach out to them, voice your concerns, and discuss #nursingissues and #nursingbills that are up that you would like them to support.

  • UNDERSTAND YOUR BOARD OF NURSING: Research your Board of #Nursing's structure and oversight, my bet there is NONE (only 5 states have any oversight) and if that doesn’t get you to find out who’s your representative and what #nursing bills are out there I don’t know what you. I encourage every #nurse to look up STANDARDS OF #NURSING PRACTICE, UNPROFESSIONAL CONDUCT, AND GROUNDS FOR DISCIPLINE. Identify areas that need, like having an independent #ombudsman for fair proceedings.

  • COLLABORATE WITH #NURSES: Join #nurse groups in your state, on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin, find community and share experiences, and collaborate on important issues like #safestaffinglimits and employment rights.

  • BE A ROLE MODEL: Stand up for fellow #nurses. Support others and use tools like Safe Harbor Peer Review when needed to ensure quality care and protection of your professional license.

  • ATTEND BON MEETINGS: Stay informed about state #nursing developments. Attend Board of #Nursing meetings to know the latest changes and updates.

  • TAKE JURISPRUDENCE: Educate yourself about #nursinglaw and how it intersects with your license. Knowledge is power in advocating effectively.

  • GET LIABILITY INSURANCE: Protect yourself and other #nurses with liability insurance. Spread awareness about its importance to save money and emotional stress.

Remember, there's no set handbook for advocacy, but by collaborating and working together, we can make a significant impact. Let's research our boards, understand bills, and use our collective power to make a positive change for #nurses everywhere. We can ALL BE ADVOCATES FOR OUR PROFESSION!

Join me, Maggie - #TheNurse'sAdvocate, in this empowering journey. Together, we can usher in a new era for #nursing, and it's time for #nurses! I am not called to #nursing I am called to #NURSES!


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