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Access Monthly updates from maggie, including news from the nursing world and tips to protect your license!


Save big on valuable resources, courses, and consultations! These services are designed to enhance your nursing career and protect your professional license.

Free Consultation

Access to a 15min meeting with Legal Nurse Consultant Maggie, MSN RN.

Q&A and live Ask Maggie

We will gather questions asked by you and your peers throughout the month and Maggie will give you the answers you’re looking for! Additionally, a live interactive Q&A session is done annually.

Case Review

A valuable resource for medical professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills. Based on realistic but fictional scenarios from the perspective of a legal nurse consultant. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just out, Case Reviews is an essential tool for anyone looking to protect their license.

Private Social Groups

Connect with other nurse creators, educators, and influencers. Share experiences, collaborate on projects, and grow your network within a supportive community. Private Facebook group has over 1.5K members!

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